Choosing a Diamond Painting!

Feeling a little overwhelmed with all the choices? Square or Round? Full or Partial? Not to mention all the pictures that are available.

Where do you begin? Some beginners start with Round Diamonds because they are a little more forgiving. Rounds have a little space between them so they have a little room to move. Some say that round shine more brilliantly. Others prefer the look of square and the fact that you can not see the background when it is complete. Below is a sample of finished projects in the square and round style diamond projects. Which style do you prefer?


Full or Partial? Partials are quicker to complete, typically the subject of the painting is covered in diamonds and the background is printed in the image and not covered in adhesive. Full drill paintings are a more time consuming but the effect is beautiful! For this choice it comes down to the time you have to spend completing your diamond painting.

The images, where to begin? There are hundreds to look at. Take a look around there is a variety to satisfy most every shopper. If there is something you have in mind but don't see it here, let us know and we can see if we can find it for you. There is also the option to email us a picture of your own and we can create a diamond painting from your photo!

Happy Shopping and thanks for visiting us at! We can't wait to see your works in progress and completed projects on our Facebook page. 

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