Traveling with your Diamond Paintings

We recently took a long weekend vacation. Since we knew we would have some down time in the hotel we brought along our Diamond Painting projects. (of course) One of my fears was that all of those tiny pieces would end up all over the car. The solution we came up with worked great! I prefer the little 2 oz plastic cups with a lid (picture included). I keep each set of diamonds in a plastic serving tray, to make them easy to move around the house with me. I even put my drill pen, drill tray and wax right in the tray with the plastic cups For our trip you can see that I covered the whole thing in press and seal plastic wrap to keep it all together. It worked great! The larger glass container didn't fit, this diamond painting has lots of white background but I was not worried about this container opening up, and it's glass so it's heavy enough not to get too jostled around during the ride. I was just careful to save the plastic wrap for the ride home. Most hotel rooms have a desk or table to Diamond Paint on so this technique could work for you too. If you prefer zipper bags you might try putting them in a kids pencil box. With back to school right around the corner they should be easy to find. Don't be afraid to take your latest project on your road trip. Please like and share our facebook page, and we hope you find this tip helpful while enjoying a little summer getaway with your family an friends. 

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