Spring Flowers, DIY Diamond Painting Kit
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Spring Flowers, DIY Diamond Painting Kit

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(30 centimeters is approximately 12 inches)

DIY Diamond Paintings are a new popular craft, the steps are simple and the product is beautiful! Diamond Paintings also make great gifts! The production process of creating a Diamond Painting is simple and relaxing. (Children should be supervised because of small parts.)

Everything you need to complete your Diamond Painting is included. We include a canvas, tool kit, and resin beads/diamonds you need to complete your project.

When you receive your Diamond Painting, open the box and sort the diamonds into containers; mark the containers with color number and symbol printed on the side of the canvas. Pick up a small amount of the wax with the metal end of the drill pen. The wax makes the end of the pen tacky enough to pick up beads.

Pour some beads/diamonds into the grooved drill tray. Shake the tray gently so that some of the beads line up in the grooves with the flat side down. Pull back a small section of the protective cover. Pick up the beads one by one and place them on their corresponding symbol. Repeat these steps until the picture is complete.

You will need to refill the wax on the end of the pen from time to time when it loses its stickiness. Try to keep the beads close together and not overlap them.

DO NOT REMOVE THE PROTECTIVE COVER FROM THE WHOLE PICTURE. The cover protects the adhesive from accumulating dust, hair and fuzz. Avoid touching the adhesive and getting dust, hair, and fuzz to keep the adhesive strong to hold the beads. This product does not include a frame, it is a DIY kit with a rolled canvas. Purchase a frame separately. Due to lighting and screen differences you may find that the item’s color may be slightly different from the pictures. We also have the option to customize a diamond painting with your own picture! Please contact us for details. If any parts for your kit are missing we are happy to help replace them.

Please be aware the shipping times average 30-60 days.

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