DIY Instructions

DIY Information and Instructions:

Each kit includes printed canvas + beads + tool set. (Tools in the kit may vary but you will receive everything you need to complete your project.)

The kits look like a cross stitch pattern. The canvas is printed with a symbol to match the included beads. The canvas is covered in adhesive and the adhesive is covered with a protective sheet.

The code is printed on the side of the canvas for easy reference.

1. Sort the beads into containers, write the DMC code from the bead bags onto your containers. (We like to use the plastic covered containers and plastic bags pictured below, write the DMC number and symbol on the containers with permanent marker. You must provide your own containers for sorting beads.)

2. Carefully pull back clear film on one side of the wax and pick a tiny bit of wax with the tip of the pen. This makes the end of the pen tacky.

3. Place beads on the grooved tray. Shake the tray and tilt while gently tapping. The beads line up against the grooved lines. The bead will tend to fall flat side down, the perfect position to pick up with the tacky end of the pen.

4. Start beading from one corner. Pick the plastic film from a small area at a time. DO NOT REMOVE FILM FROM WHOLE PICTURE. Otherwise it will spoil the adhesive. The glue is very strong, avoid touching it while working on the picture.

5. Find the symbol on the canvas and place the bead flat side down, pressing down so the bead sticks.

6. Continue beading in same manner until the coded portion of the picture is covered.

7. Once complete, gently rub the picture to be sure that all beads are pushed down tight to the adhesive. You can also place some heavy books on the picture overnight.

Place the picture in a frame/canvas of your own and display your artwork. (Frame not included in kit.)

Tips & Tricks:

The beads can get a static charge to them and stick to the inside of your containers or to you and everything around you. I recommend that when you are sorting your beads into containers you first pour them out onto a dryer sheet to remove the static then use the dryer sheet as a funnel to pour them in your containers.  Occasionally I find a container of beads that still has static even after this procedure. When that happens I cut a small square of dryer sheet and put it right in the container with the beads.

From time to time you may spill your beads, if this happens especially on carpeting or on furniture it is helpful to take a sock and place it over the end of the vacuum hose and use the vacuum to clean up the beads. Then carefully remove the beads from the sock on the end of the hose.

Replace the cover over the adhesive when not working on your picture to protect the adhesive from dust, hair, and fuzz.

When organizing your beads put them in labeled containers. You can use plastic bags. or small plastic containers with covers. Sort the beads according to DMC number order, write the DMC code and the pattern symbol on your container. I find this easy to work with. Find a container that makes it easy for you to switch from color to color so that you can work on a small area. Only uncover the area you are working on. I find it is easier to work with the beads from a container rather than a plastic bag.

You can find instructional videos on our Facebook page. Email us at with questions.